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Hospitality Industry urges for adoption for Safety and Hygiene

Due to COVID- 19 and Lockdown throughout India and precautionary step taken by Govt to ensure that disease should not be spread and hygiene and safety to be maintained, is well appreciated by other countries. It has a great impact on hospitality and tourism sector, to ensure safety all events, conferences and meeting are organized…Read More

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How Chanting Gayatri Mantra Keep our Mind and Body Healthy

The Gayatri Mantra is the universal Mantra which came from vedas, the Gayatri Mantra is associated with Gayatri Mata also called as Ved Mata Gayatri which means ” Mother of Vedas” she protect the vedas and protect the universe from all evil things. It Was Brahmarishi Vishvamitra who spread the gayatri mantra The gayatri Mantra…Read More

How to Celebrate Chaitra Navratri And Ram Navami 2020

Chaitra Navratri And Ram Navami 2020 Namaste Bhaktajan Chaitra Navratri 25/03/2020 se hai jo ki Nau dino ka hai jo 02/04/2020 ko sampann ho jaayega Pehla Navratri (25/03/2020) Dwitiya Navratri (26/03/2020) Tritya Navratri (27/03/2020) Chaturtha Navratri (28/03/2020) Panchmi Navratri (29/03/2020) Chhatha Navratri (30/03/2020) Saptami Navratri (31/03/2020) Ashtami Navratri (01/04/2020) Navami Navratri (02/04/2020) Aap sab pehle…Read More

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