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Free Ketogenic Diet to be Followed to Become Fat to Fit

Are you looking for ketogenic diet and tired of implementing lot of things to lose fat

keto 300x167 - Free Ketogenic Diet to be Followed to Become Fat to Fit

Aren’t these some of the most common complaints we all have.
Isn’t healthy eating boring and dreadful!

So what’s up and new about going on a ketogenic diet?
Well, the quick weight loss fad diet, comes with its own do’s and
don’ts. Let’s have a look at some of the commonly googled questions about the infamous weight loss routine:
What is ketogenic diet?

The Ketogenic diet, or Keto diet, is one of the quick weight loss
methods, wherein you drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake
and replace it with fat in order to get your metabolism to a state
called ketosis.

In order for ketosis to happen, the body needs to burn the fat
stored in your body. Thereby, instead of using glucose as a fuel
source to provide energy, its using the fat stores built in your body
to provide the same.

This can happen in two ways

1. By fasting: Complete abstinence from food, wherein,
your body converts the fat stored in your body to glucose to produce energy, thus burning the flab/extra body
weight clinging to your body and making you lose your
body weight.

2. Adopting the keto diet: Here in you increase your fat intake in the food and completely eliminate carbohydrates
from your diet. Thereby, the body uses the stored fat in
your body to produce energy rather than the carbohydrates that would be providing you with energy otherOn a ketogenic diet, you can watch out for the following

• Determine your total calorie intake goal: Calculate
your “basal metabolic rate” (i.e., calories you burn per
day). For instance, my weight is 65kgs, height is 170cms,
my BMR is roughly 1500kcal. Since my activity is sedentary, my kcal consumed in the day should not be more
than 1800kcal.

• Remove 5% of that number for your total amount of
carbs: Divide by 4 (there are 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate). Some people choose to stick to a rule of “Less
than 50 grams total” or “20 net carbs total”. I have 90 calories for carbs (by calculating 5% carbohydrates), divided
by 4, equals 22.2 grams of carbs. In my instance, I would
keep a do-able target 30g of carbs to start with and gradually taper that down as well.

• Next, calculate your protein requirements: Target 0.8-
1.2 g of protein per pound of weight. You can multiply this
by 4 to see how many calories total that would be. For myself, 65Kgs, would mean,65*1.2=78g. 78g*4Kcal=312kcal.

• Left over calories as fat: 1800Kcal-(120Kcal+312Kcal)
=1368Kcal/9Kcal=152g FAT!

• Put it all together, write it down, start tracking your
food: My personal body macros based on calculations,
you are looking at – Carbohydrate:30g, Protein=78g,
Fat=152g! (increasing fat stores by nearly 5 times).

Keto is the Hottest Weight Loss Trend this Year!

These macro indicator calculations, should be a good point to
start with.

Benefits of keto besides weight loss: On consuming carbohydrates, your body produces insulin to deal with the increase in
sugar/glucose in your bloodstream. When you minimize carbohydrate consumption, this can in turn result in less insulin production, and your body can become more insulin sensitive, which has
many health benefits.
In addition to helping with weight loss, the Keto Diet has been
used to treat epilepsy, Type II diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome,
improvement in neurological diseases (Parkinson’s and multiple
sclerosis), cancer, reduces the risk factors in both respiratory and
cardiovascular diseases.

My personal suggestion: I won’t blindly opt for the keto diet. As
it may lead to certain hormonal disturbances. Here’s what I would
suggest: Be less concerned about “staying in ketosis” and instead
concern yourself with how to find a nutritional strategy that fits
your daily regime.

If you’re keen about going Keto, try it out for a
short period like a month or two to see changes in your weight. If
you have health concerns, discuss this with your doctor first.

Take body measurements before you go on a keto diet and after a month
of keto to track inch loss changes. You will have a fair idea if the diet
is working for you or not. Based on that you can adjust and course
correct for the next month.

The most non effective thing would be to follow the keto diet
diligently then lose weight. Once you are off the keto diet, DO NOT
eat liberally and leading to weight gain.

Hence, my personal suggestion is to adopt a healthy diet which
conveniently and effectively fits in your lifestyle, makes you lose
weight, is healthy, natural and convenient and can be adopted as a
lifestyle change.

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