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How to Keep Kidneys Healthy

kidney 300x200 - How to Keep Kidneys Healthy

kidneys are the most important organ of the body, and keeping it healthy is our priority to be healthy.

it is a bean- shaped organ and it purifies the blood and maintain the balance of body.

Some of the important steps to be followed

  • Maintain healthy diet
  • Always check Blood Pressure
  • Low intake of Salt
  • Always check blood sugar level
  • Drink Adequate and plenty of waters
  • don’t smoke and drink

always check Kidney function test, check your creatinine level, and regular exercise is to be followed to be healthy

Heart regular function is also to be maintained as it is connected with kidneys, if your blood flow is at high or slow rate, it will adversely effect kidneys.

And you can start doing yoga, as it keeps balance and metabolism of body.

Ayurveda has many hidden benefits, it keeps the overall balance of vaat, pitta and kapha dosha.

There are so many secrets in Ayurveda to be followed to keep our routine in a healthy way and it will keep our vital organs super healthy.

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