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Digital Deepak Internship programme

Digital Deepak Internship programme

Digital Deepak Internship Assignment 1

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I learned many things from the first session of internship programme, and being mentored by Deepak sir is already amazing for all of us, as he want to make his students successful in their life, whatever their niche is either job or business.

First we should make a goal for our life, and communication plays an important role, it help in making your own brand, it helps in content creation.

Market research is the most important to sell anything, we should understand the need of common man.

Follow these To find market demand

  • Google Auto suggest
  • Answer the
  • Amazon reviews
  • Talk to customers

Digital marketing is the best way to do marketing, it includes market research, content creation, customer satisfaction, ensures correct way to find the market need.

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

As technology is growing ,market is also growing, it will never die, and world is moving to digital marketing, it also follows the basics of traditional marketing, as we can’t ignore our roots, so we can’t ignore traditional marketing, just we want to learn what to be taken from that and implemented in a new way to the modern generation.

The economy plays a major role in the country growth, the economy of country goes up, when the average age of the country goes up and people spend more, and as economy goes down, the average age goes up and people don’t spend

To improve our communication skills we should follow these simple steps

  • Read a lot and start with simple books and move to complex ones
  • Start writing from basics
  • Write a lot
  • Listen to podcasts

And don’t hesitate to put your content out and do not fear to stand out and come on the stage, show your personality, character on social media. It works on funnel.

How the funnel works

  • Move the free line
  • Build trust through funnel
  • Make funnel automated
  • Build relationships on automation
  • Get 1,000,000 people at the top of the funnel
  • Build brand ambassador

Deepak sir has also created lesson on how to create funnel on automation through Zapier mastery and you can get it on

Content is the king of any business, try improving your content, either it would be your writing skills on your blog or selling courses online it would have the value, as values always paid let it be in a recession, people always look for their needs and if they are getting the requirements, they will always pay you.

There are always niche available in the market, as market is always evolving, today it is a era of digital, so need of people are on digital platforms, either it would be education, business, love, career, wealth or any other requirements.

Just narrow your niche and start working on it, if you want to be a successful content creator, you should always read other posts, and writing on it.

Debt always creates money, deflation of money supply happens when people start repaying debt.

By writing these article , I learned that reading and writing makes content better,  for writing this blog we all gone through the video many times and now we all have recorded video in our mind and now we can’t forget the lesson taught by Deepak sir.

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