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Namaste Friends, I hope all are doing good, and as you know iam enrolled in this internship programme conducted by our guru Deepak Kanakraju sir.

As a Part of this family, iam feeling proud, and ofcourse motivated as I learned blogging, facebook ads, seo, social media marketing and many lessons to be followed in our life to be a successful person.

I came to know that conversation is the core part of any business, without communicating we can’t understand our customer requirements, their feedback and much more and always listen more as listening make us humble, silent and we learn much more.

Learn> Do> Teach

When you teach someone, you understand things in a better way, as everyone knows when a child is born their parents starts teaching the kid how to speak, how to walk and during these parents learn that in which way I should teach my kid, so they came to know about their weakness point and they work on it to make it perfect.

Mistakes are future benefits

I remembered one thing, I was working in a travel company some three months ago, and it was a new work for me, a guest came he wants to book a package for Malaysia, due to hush and rush I gave him the Singapore pamplete

I was telling about Malaysia package, suddenly guest tells that he has Singapore pamplete, and I was embarrassed, but the guest was good and I handed the malyasia pamplete, and things got fine, and he booked that trip

And after that I got overcome from the fear to talk with clients and customers

And Deepak sir also tells that we should communicate in a authentic way, don’t make fool to anyone and during that Malaysia booking process of the client as I was working there, we talked a lot, as iam from Sitamarhi, the birth place of Maa Janaki, and staying in Visakhapatnam and being in a travel field the client is from Andhra, so we communicated a lot.

What is better marketing?

People with more life experience are better
We should always learn from our parents, mentors as they have seen all ups and downs of their life, being in their guidance, you will not lost and you will be in a right path

Listen carefully and implement it, as the tips given my them will not available anywhere.

Marketing in a customised way leads to profits and fullfillness and defining your Target customers leads to good conversions and better marketing
Understand their demographics and their psychographics, their interests, their requirements.

And remember to talk with everyone, even if you have big audience, because no business will boom without understanding customer behaviour and connect with them 1:1 rather 1: everyone.

If you are looking for an online business, don’t ignore email marketing, it is very important as Deepak sir told about that, we also click on mail that is designed perfectly, you just look which email you are opening, and that the reason that it attracts us to open it and clicks happen, as more click happens the chance of conversion rises.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

When I thinked about starting a blog, I was feeling awkward, but I never give up and don’t want to give up, and learned many new things about content writing, strategy and tools used for Good SEO.

Challenge yourself to reach and hit the target Hard, as it is the only thing which will lead success in any field or niche we are looking.
Customer avatar is the secret of digital marketing
For understanding the customer requirement, their need it is a great tool to know your customer more deeply.

I have created customer avatar for digital marketing beginners
As Deepak sir has also given access of his awesome course generated by him, I learned a lot from the courses, I have completed Facebook ads, Seo, blogging, and some more.

I got 4 response from customer avatar form created on google form
80% is male
20% is female
4 email response

40% is in age 18-24
40% is in age 25-35
20% is in age 36-45

60% is post graduate
20% is graduate
20% is others

Started blogging
60% not yet started blogging
40% started blogging

Wanted to learn affiliate marketing
100% want to learn affiliate marketing

Courses completed from Digital Deepak courses provided with this internship
20% of them have completed only one course from the list
80% of them have completed more courses

Hobbies and interest
binge watching,
digital marketing,
sleeping travelling binging on food,
reading and photography

Cities they belong

This is the link to my customer avatar
I hope this article is useful for you.

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